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Operations Facility Renovation Project

Scope of Work:

The Operations Facility Renovation Project scope of work is for the remodeling and renovation of an existing 5,600 sf. warehouse facility purchased by the Village, The facility is located at 1840 NE 144 Street, in the City of North Miami. The site currently has the warehouse building with existing parking lot which has access to the property from the south and north. The facility will provide offices, warehouse storage space and parking for staff and the Village’s fleet vehicles. The facility will be used as our Parks & Public Spaces Public Works Operations Annex that will include an Emergency Operation Center (EOC) and a Police Department (PD) training area, in addition, to offices for the staff. The building will be structurally hardened to comply with the new code for use as EOC for a storm or emergency events when our essential personnel are evacuated from the Village offices. Currently, the project has commenced and the anticipated completion date and move to the new facility is scheduled for December 2020.

Note: Reasonable accommodations and/or modifications will be made upon request for anyone requiring assistive technology. If you require assistance, please contact us at