Police beside car

Mission Statement

Bal Harbour Police Department is exclusively at the service of the residents and visitors of Bal Harbour Village, Florida.

These are our values:

  • DEDICATION by bringing pride to our service and honor to our profession.
  • RESPECT for our fellow citizens, each other and ourselves.
  • COOPERATION through open communication with citizens and each other.
  • PROFESSIONALISM by being exemplary in our personal and professional conduct.
  • RESPONSIBILITY for our actions in providing for the safety of our community.

Our mission is:

To maintain the feeling of a safe and healthy environment for those living, working and visiting our village. We resolve to provide this atmosphere by preventing and detecting crime wherever possible, by the proper enforcement of laws and by working as partners with Federal, State and local law enforcement to increase the safety of our community at large.

Our vision is:

To be an agency that leads rather than follows. To be recognized as the example by which others are measured. To be an inclusive agency and always foster a sense we are at one with the community.