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Parks Rules and Regulations

It is important that the rules and regulations of the playground be strictly observed so that your safety can be assured as well as that of the residents. Village facilities and grounds are intended for the use and enjoyment of village residents and their guests. Violations of the rules and regulations may result in offending individual’s removal from the premises and police action for serious violations.

Permitted items, activities:

  • Food may be brought in and may only be put under the gazebo area or inside the fenced area next to the waterway. No food or drink is allowed inside playground area.
  • Any entertainers or vendors must provide the Village with a certificate of liability insurance; said certificate shall name BAL HARBOUR VILLAGE as an additional insured and coverage shall be in the amount customary in the industry and acceptable to BAL HARBOUR VILLAGE.

Prohibited items, activities:

  • No entry before or after posted hours
  • Firearms, toy guns, concealed weapons, or ignite fireworks inside the park
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Smoking
  • Gambling
  • Glass containers
  • Vehicles, bicycles, skating equipment
  • Barbeques or hibachis or any open flame producing cooking devices
  • Pets except service animals
  • Camping or erection of tents/ shade shelters
  • Oversize bounce houses, water slides and rock climbing walls (except during Village produced Special Events) or as authorized by the Parks and Public Spaces Director.
  • Posting or affixing any notices outside of authorized notice boards without the written permission of the Parks and Public Spaces Director.
  • Defacing or destruction of any posted notices, rules or regulations
  • Climbing, cutting, breaking, picking or injuring the trees, shrubs, plants, turf
  • Damage or deface fences or throw anything in the water area.
  • Swing, play or exercise device shall be attached to any tree or pole
  • Throwing of objects other than items used in approved games
  • Running up hills or between plants and shrubs
  • Booths, tables or stands for the sale or distribution of any article whatever, or attempt to sell any articles, on or about such facilities and grounds at any time
  • Unruly or disorderly behavior including pushing, shoving and "piggyback rides"
  • Loudspeakers, boom boxes, amplifiers, bullhorns, radio or other means of sound amplification
  • Malicious vandalism to any part of the park, nor to any electrical, water, recreational or other equipment, structure, sign or installation in the park.
  • Active ball games in the park or playground area except in areas set aside for such activities
  • Littering, please use provided refuse containers
  • Bare feet except for in the designated water area
  • Chalk, or other defacing materials
  • Wading pools or water balloons

Special Playground Rules

The Playground equipment is designed for children between the ages of 2-5. Children older than 7 years of age may damage the equipment and are encouraged not to play on it.

  • You should pull yourself up the slide and leave sitting down.
  • You should not sit on the top bar of the slide.
  • Only one person is permitted per swing. Please remain seated when using the swings.
  • Pushing and pulling is prohibited.

Special Basketball Court Rules

The following rules apply during non-programmed/reserved hours.

  • Basketball hoops and poles will be used for basketball only. Climbing poles is prohibited
  • Participants Must wear shoes/sneakers when playing on court
  • Full court play allowed only when no one else is waiting to play
  • If both courts are fully occupied we rotate people every 20 minutes to allow for fair usage.
  • Full court exclusive must be reserved using the Rental Agreement.