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All public records requests received by the Village will be directed to:
Dwight Danie, Village Clerk/Records Custodian, or
Alex Cardelle, Deputy Village Clerk
Contact Information:
Phone: 305.866.4633
FAX: 305.993.5163
Address: Office of the Village Clerk, 655 96th Street, Bal Harbour, FL 33154.

Public Records Request Form

Pursuant to Section 119.07, Florida Statutes, the below identified person hereby request to


It is NOT required that the Village Clerk obtain the name address, telephone number, or other personal information from the person making the request, and such person may decline to provide such information. In the event that the person making the request for public records declines to provide a written request, a written request shall not be required, and instead the Village Clerk shall complete this form, in order to document the request and the Village's compliance.