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Oceana Bal Harbour's New Pet Spa Pampers Posh Pups

by Keith Flamer | Feb 04, 2019

Dogs get celebrity treatment at Oceana Bal Harbour's new pet grooming spa.Kate Oakley/Adorned Photography

Rich people pamper their dogs. Oprah’s five dogs travel with her everywhere—limousines, vacations, etc. Paris Hilton’s dogs (a $13,000 Pomeranian pooch named “Prince” included) chill in their own two-story air-conditioned doggie mansion with a terrace, chandelier and designer furniture. Barbra Streisand’s dogs (“Mrs. Violet” and “Mrs. Scarlett”) are both are $50,000 clones (each!) of her beloved late pooch "Sammie." This isn’t just a Hollywood thing. It’s everywhere.

Miami’s Oceana Bal Harbour pounced on this puppy love trend, tossing its dog-loving condo owners a delicious bone—access to its new 5-star pet grooming spa for top 1% pooches. With condos ranging roughly from $3.9 million to $19.85 million ($35 million for the penthouse), residents can easily foot the bill for this adorable amenity.

Puck the Pup smiles in front of a Jeff Koons sculpture.Kate Oakley/Adorned Photography

Here, Rex can indulge in doggy massages, deep fur conditioning, “pawdicures,” Yappy Hour, sun bathing, and fashion shoots by the property’s Jeff Koons art sculptures “Seated Ballerina” and “Pluto Proserpina.” Put simply, this condo is a dog’s, I mean dog lover’s dream.