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Activate or Suspend Service

Activate Service

You can establish an account by completing a Utility Service Application and emailing the completed form along with required documents to [email protected] or dropping off in-person at Village Hall.

A deposit will be charged to your account within the first monthly service bill. If you call our customer service line (305.993.7317) in advance, we can give you the exact amount of the deposit required.

Suspend Service

To terminate your water service, fill out a Utility Service Close Request and email the completed form to [email protected], drop off in-person at Village Hall, or call our customer service line (305.993.7317).

Next day service is available Monday through Wednesday. Terminating your water service includes obtaining a final meter reading, crediting your initial deposit to your final bill, and mailing a final bill to your forwarding address. If any refund is due, a check will be included with your final bill.