The Village purchases its water primarily from Miami-Dade County. As a consecutive water purveyor, the Division is responsible for ensuring the water distribution system can provide potable water for drinking and fire suppression. Water quality is attained through a functional distribution system where routine maintenance is frequently performed.

Water consumption is measured through water metering, and the meters are read every month. There are two primary uses for water that is purchased by Village residents:

  • Domestic water (drinking water supplied to the house)
  • Irrigation water (water supplied to the irrigation system)

Domestic water meter charges are accompanied with a sewer charge. The sewer charge is calculated based off of the water that is consumed through the domestic water meter.

Irrigation water meters are primarily used for irrigation systems. There is no sewer charge for irrigation meters because the water does not make its way into the sewer system. Irrigation systems are required to have a certified backflow preventer to protect the water distribution system from a non-potable water source.

Activate Service

Fill out an Application for Utility Service and email the completed form along with required documents to [email protected] or drop off in-person at Village Hall.

Suspend Service

Fill out a Request to Close Utility Account Form and email the completed form to [email protected] or drop off in-person at Village Hall.

Water Account Administration

Please email any account questions to [email protected]

Water Leaks Leak Check Request

For private property, call 305.866.4633 or email [email protected] to request a water meter leak check to be performed. A representative will be sent to perform the leak check. No one has to be home for this leak check to be performed, however, all of the water must be off at the time the leak check is performed. Leak checks are usually performed within 2-3 business days after the request is received.

If you notice a water leak or break on public property, please advise the Public Works & Beautification Department immediately by calling 305.993.7391, emailing [email protected], or after hours, call 305.993.7360.

Public Works & Beautification Director:
John Oldenburg
Phone: 305.866.7336
Mobile: 954.205.9684
E-mail: [email protected]