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Utility Infrastructure – Redevelopment & Implementation

Bal Harbour Village (BHV) was incorporated in 1946, at which time the majority of the Village’s utility infrastructure was constructed. Additional portions of the Village’s infrastructure were constructed in the late 1960’s with repairs and modifications completed in the years since. Prior to recent improvements, most of the Village’s infrastructure was more than sixty-six (66) years old and has surpassed the reasonably expected service life span of fifty (50) years by thirty percent.

In recognition of the issues related to the aged utility system within the Village, the firm Craig A. Smith & Associates, (CAS) was tasked to prepare the basis for an engineering analysis and Master Plan for the replacement of the Village’s aging utility infrastructure. This Utility Master Plan identifies and evaluates each of the infrastructure components and provides a base model for reconstruction of the facilities. This Master Plan takes into account the changes within the Village, the challenges of existing system’s capacity and ability to handle modern demands and the planned and proposed changes to the Village in terms of additional residential units and commercial demands. Craig A. Smith & Associates has provided preliminary engineering analysis, planning and reporting to formulate, compile and present a comprehensive Utility Infrastructure Master Plan for Bal Harbour Village.

To address the identified issues detailed above, the phase one construction of a new 12-inch high-density polyethylene (HDPE) distribution water main on the east side of Collins Avenue was completed in December 2013.

The Utility Master Plan was first presented at the May 28, 2013 Village Council meeting and was subsequently presented at a public workshop which was held on May 5, 2014, for the purpose of public input and comments. Subsequently, the final Plan was approved by the Village Council on May 19, 2015.

This Plan provides the foundation from which the future design, permitting and specifications for the replacement of the Village’s existing potable water and sanitary sewage systems are developed.

Using the adopted Utility Master Plan as a baseline to determine the extent of the required Infrastructure Improvements, since 2017, we have refined our overall strategy for the Master Plan to focus on opportunities to repair and reuse existing infrastructure rather than wholesale replacement. The work developed and conducted within the Gated Residential Community utilizes a phased sectional approach, with the Community divided, into 4 geographic areas (Phase 3,4,5,6). The four areas are also subdivided into sub-phases (3a, b, c, 4, 5 a, b, c, 6 a, b).  Phases 1 and 2 were previously completed during construction of the new water main, sanitary sewer main and new sanitary Pump Station (PS1), associated with the construction of the Oceania Condominium on Collins Avenue.  Also, new phases have been recently developed, Phase 7, Stormwater Station and adjacent system upgrades in the Community and Phase 8 a, b, Water and sewer force main replacement along 96 street and Collins Avenue.

Our water distribution system is being completely replaced and modified to provide optimal service. Our sanitary sewer system and storm water system is being selectively replaced to ensure proper function. Our curbs are being adjusted to properly convey storm water, and our streets will be paved completely after each phase is complete. Additionally, while this work is intended to be completed in zones, other work such as small sectional repairs to the Residential Gated Community sanitary sewer and manholes along with rehabilitative sewer pipe lining will be systematically completed.  These activities can be conducted continuously because the work does not disrupt local traffic for extended periods and the sanitary sewer lining work is best performed in large areas to save money due to economy of scale for these services.

Each of the Gated Community phases will receive new Water transmission, distribution water lines and water meters.  Backflow preventers are also installed for irrigation meters.  The remaining rehabilitative Sanitary Sewer, and Storm Water pipe repairs, new pipe section installation is completed as determined to restore the functionality of the system.  After the required replacement and repair underground work in complete, each phase will receive new curb and gutters with complete roadway milling and paving under a separate agreement with the Bal Harbour Civic Association.

Additionally, to limit ground water intrusion into the Sanitary and Stormwater system and ensure water quality standards while discharging stormwater into Biscayne Bay, the Village is also conducting Cured-In-Place lining for all sanitary sewer, stormwater pipes and structures within the entire Gated Community.

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