Tide goes in, tide goes out


For information about registering to vote and political signage in the village, visit Voter Information.

To view May 2, 2023 Special Election Results, visit  ELECTION RESULTS

General Election Candidates  – Districts 2 & 4

Bal Harbour Village is divided into five (5) voting districtsIn 2024 candidates could qualify for seats in District 2 and District 4.

The Qualifying Period will run from Monday, August 12 through Friday, August 18, 2024.

List of Candidates that have Filed to Run:

District 2 Candidates

District 4 Candidates
Alejandro Levy
David Albaum

For more information on the November 5, 2024 General Municipal Election, contact:

Dwight S. Danie, Village Clerk
655 96th Street
Bal Harbour, FL 33154
[email protected]

Or contact the Miami-Dade County Supervisor of Elections

or email [email protected], or telephone 305-499-8683.

Candidate Information

To become a candidate, the following documents must be filed with Bal Harbour Village Clerk PRIOR to opening a campaign account, receiving contributions, or making any expenditures:

  • DS-DE 9 Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository for Candidates
    • Must be filed prior to opening the campaign account and prior to accepting contributions or making expenditures on the person’s behalf.
    • A candidate may be his / her campaign treasurer or deputy treasurer.
    • Your campaign depository must be a bank, savings and loan association or credit union authorized to do business in the State of Florida. The campaign account must be separate from any personal or business accounts.
    • All monetary contributions must be deposited in the campaign account within five (5) business days of receipt.
    • Only the campaign treasurer or the deputy campaign treasurer may sign campaign expenditure checks.
  • DS-DE 84 Statement of Candidate
    • Must be filed within 10 days of filing of DS-DE 9. This form states that the candidate has been provided access to read and understand the requirements of Chapter 106, F.S.,  The Election Laws of the State of Florida

Kindly schedule an appointment with the Village Clerk by calling  305-866-4633 or emailing [email protected].

AFTER filing the appropriate paperwork with the Village Clerk, candidates may then open a campaign account and begin to accept contributions and make expenditures.

For more information download the complete 2024 Bal Harbour Village Candidate Handbook.

  • Campaign Treasurer’s Reports


Alejandro Levy
M3 – Campaign Treasurer’s Report
M4 – Campaign Treasurer’s Report
M5 – Campaign Treasurer’s Report
M6 – Campaign Treasurer’s Report
M7 – Campaign Treasurer’s Report
M8 – Campaign Treasurer’s Report

David Albaum
M3 – Campaign Treasurer’s Report
M4 – Campaign Treasurer’s Report
M5 – Campaign Treasurer’s Report
M6 – Campaign Treasurer’s Report
M7 – Campaign Treasurer’s Report
M8 – Campaign Treasurer’s Report

May 2, 2023 Special Municipal Election


On February 21, 2023 the Bal Harbour Village Council passed Resolution 2023-1540 providing for submission to the Village electors of a proposed Charter amendment allowing for the height of structures, used for municipal purposes, to be measured from the highest minimum elevation provided by State or Federal law.

The Election is scheduled for May 2, 2023 from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM.  The Voting Location will be at the Seaview Hotel, First Floor Meeting Room.  Electors may also vote by mail in ballots provided by Miami-Dade County Elections Department.

Other Important Information

Last Day to Register to Vote (Registration Books Closed)                  Monday, April 3, 2023

To Register to vote online: https://registertovoteflorida.gov/home

To learn more about registering to vote visit: https://www.miamidade.gov/global/service.page?Mduid_service=ser1482258761076685

The last day to request Vote-by-Mail Ballot is Saturday, April 22, 2023  (but if you are already registered, after this date, you can go to Elections Department in Doral fill in vote-by-mail ballot)

IMPORTANT: Due to recent changes in Florida law, all requests for vote-by-mail ballots expired at the end of 2022. Therefore, any request on file has expired. If you want to continue voting by mail, please submit your request today.

Miami-Dade County voters may choose to receive a vote-by-mail ballot for a specific election, or for all elections in which they are eligible to vote through the next regularly scheduled general election. Everyone will need to request a vote-by-mail ballot again after the November 2024 General Election.

To learn more about vote-by-mail: https://www.miamidade.gov/global/service.page?Mduid_service=ser1512065909614490


Measure Height of Structures for Municipal Purposes
Shall the Charter be amended to allow the height of structures that are used for municipal purposes to be measured from the highest minimum elevation required by state or federal law?
Yes      80
No      81

To learn more about the ballot question for the upcoming election, visit balharbourfl.gov/specialelection.


Bal Harbour Village will host workshops to provide information and answer questions on the upcoming election. Residents and the general public are invited to attend to learn more about the ballot question.

Monday, April 3 I 6:30 PM
Sea View Hotel, 9909 Collins Avenue

Wednesday, April 19 I 6:30 PM
Sea View Hotel, 9909 Collins Avenue

If you are not able to attend the workshop, a recording of the April 3 Public Workshop is now available online at balharbourfl.granicus.com.

Visit our archived election campaign reports for campaign and registration records from previous years.