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Public Records Archive

Bal Harbour Village uses a digital archiving system known as LaserFiche Weblink in which users can browse, search, retrieve, and print Village documents.

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How to use WebLink


The Browse-mode is the default mode of WebLink. It lets you click through folders and file names, much like you would with computer file folders. Double-click a document icon to open it up to full view. “Thumbnails” can be useful for browsing documents with a large number of images and graphics.

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Simple and advanced searches can be performed. Click on “Search” in the main header bar to switch from “Browse” mode to search-mode. Note the “Search for:” field that’s come up on screen-left. It works like many Web search tools. Clicking on a specific search result brings up a number of other options in the window.

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Print/Save: Use the PDF button and either print, or save the PDF file to your computer.


A comprehensive built-in Help feature can be found in the upper-right corner of the browser.

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