Red Light Camera Violation

What to do if you receive a Notice of Infraction:

Based upon images captured by the automated system, your vehicle was determined to have committed a red-light violation. As the vehicle owner, the Notice of Infraction is mailed to you.

How much is the fine?

The fine is $158 for each offense.

How much time do I have to pay my Notice of Infraction?

You must pay the civil penalty on or before the due date on your Notice of Infraction. The due date for payment is located on the top and bottom right of your Notice of Infraction.

What are my options?

  1. Pay the fine:
    • Pay Online. Logon to by entering your Notice number and PIN number shown in the red box on the front right of your Notice. Click the Pay button. There is a convenience fee that will be assessed at the time of payment.
    • Pay by Mail. Mail your check or money order, payable to Bal Harbour Village in the enclosed envelope along with the coupon printed at the bottom of the notice. Write the Notice number and the license plate number on your check or money order. Do not mail cash. The mailing address is:
      Bal Harbour Village
      Payment Processing Center
      PO Box 35131
      Seattle, WA 98124-5131
    • Pay by Credit Card. Call toll free 1.866.790.4111 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday. There is a convenience fee that will be assessed at the time of payment.
  2. Request a hearing:
    You may request a hearing in writing. A Hearing Request Form will be included with the Notice of Infraction. The form can be found at Complete the form and mail it to the Violation Processing Center, P.O. Box 59995, Phoenix, AZ 85076-9995. Hearing options include a mitigation hearing in person or a mitigation hearing by mail to explain the circumstances or a contested hearing in person to contest the infraction.

Questions? Contact the Patrol Administrator at 305.866.5000.

Red Light Camera FAQ

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, nearly 2 million crashes annually occur in intersections. In 2007, red-light running resulted in almost 900 fatalities and 153,000 injuries.

Red-light running is a problem. It is believed that an automated red-light camera program will reduce the number of red-light collisions and injuries associated with these crashes. The purpose of this program is to increase traffic safety in Bal Harbour. The goal of the program is to reduce red-light running violations, crashes, and injuries without impacting city funds.

A red-light running violation occurs when a motorist enters an intersection after the traffic signal has turned red. Motorists already in the intersection when the signal changes to red, waiting to turn for example, are not considered red-light violators.

The intersections with camera installations are listed below. Each intersection is marked clearly with signs.

  • Collins Avenue @ Harbour Way/102nd Street
  • Collins Avenue @ 97th Street
  • Harding Avenue @ 96th Street

The red-light camera system is designed to take two rear photographs of a vehicle that may be committing a violation. The first rear image captures the vehicle prior to entering the intersection with the traffic signal red, and the second image shows the vehicle continuing through the intersection during the red signal phase.

On occasion, a vehicle approaching an intersection with a red light may come to a stop before entering the intersection yet trigger the red-light camera system, causing the flash to discharge. In addition, a vehicle approaching the intersection and making a right turn may not come to a complete stop but only slow before continuing to turn, triggering the red-light camera system and causing the flash to discharge.

The Police Department reviews each violation event captured by the red-light camera system and makes the final decision to issue a citation. All flash incidents do not equate to a citation; however, the imaging results in 80%+ accuracy in identifying excessive speed approaches.