A beach and a blue sky

Bal Harbour Coastal

The Village shares the maintenance responsibility of the beach with Miami-Dade County. The regulatory agency responsible for the beach is the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). The regulatory agency responsible for marine life and sea turtles is the Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC). The regulatory responsible for the jetty is the Army Corp. of Engineers. The maintenance of the jetty and the navigational light on the jetty is the responsibility of the Public Works & Beautification Department. The Village is primarily responsible for the area in between the eastern edge of the dune up to the property fences of the hotels and condominiums.

The Village maintains the landscaping along the paths and in the dunes. This includes planting, trimming, and irrigating. Trash receptacles, recycling receptacles, and dog bag dispensers are serviced on a frequent basis. The coquina sand that makes up the jogging path and the service path are the responsibility of the Village. Buildings and hotels that have development agreement in place is responsible for the service path directly behind their building within the property boundary lines.

Beach furniture on the beach is maintained by the Village. The Village also maintains the rope and posts that delineate the boundaries of the dunes.

If there is a need for service for any of the areas listed above, please call 305.993.7391 or email [email protected].