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Public Works & Beautification

The Public Works & Beautification Department is comprised of three (3) areas of focus; Facilities, Public Works and Greenspace Management. Each unit provides services in support of the Department’s areas of responsibility. The Department provides public right-of-way and infrastructure maintenance services; utility and solid waste management, landscape maintenance and design, as well as maintenance activities for all Village facilities. These activities are conducted by a small team of in-house staff, along with various contracted service providers. Additionally, the Department provides management and support for all Village conducted utility system capital improvement projects, supports the Building Department’s permitting activities, operates the On Demand community transit shuttle service and supports the enforcement activities of the Bal Harbour Police Department’s Code Compliance Division.

The Facilities Unit is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and operation of Village buildings and equipment at the following sites:

  • Village Hall
  • The Police Department Administration and Annex
  • The Public Works & Beautification Operations Facility in North Miami
  • The Guardhouse, access and security equipment, within the Gated Residential Community

The Facilities Unit also provides services in the following areas:

  • Village wide cleanliness
  • Street and landscape up lighting maintenance
  • Street furniture and signage maintenance
  • Bus Shelter cleaning and maintenance

Public Works
The Public Works Unit provides services related to the repair, maintenance, and operation of Village infrastructure, and other services including:

  • Water, sewer and storm water utility system maintenance and operation
  • Solid waste collection, disposal and recycling services
  • Utility System Capital Project management
  • Plan reviews*
  • Code enforcement support
  • Pedestrian walkways and surfaces maintenance
  • Curb, gutter and roadway maintenance
  • On Demand community transit services

(*) The Public Works Unit supports the Building Department with the review of all utility and landscape related plans submitted for permitting to the Building Department and post construction utility and landscape installation inspections prior to permit closures.

Greenspace Management Unit
The Greenspace Management Unit is responsible for the landscape maintenance and appearance of the Village controlled common areas, including:

  • All Village building grounds
  • Village-controlled medians, swales, and landscape areas
  • Bal Harbour Beach and adjacent areas
  •  The Gated Residential Section common areas
  • Management of the Village urban forestry program


You can establish an account by completing a Utility Service Application and emailing the completed form along with required documents to [email protected] or dropping off in-person at Village Hall.

A deposit will be charged to your account within the first monthly service bill. If you call our customer service line (305.993.7317) in advance, we can give you the exact amount of the deposit required.

To terminate your water service, fill out a Utility Service Close Request and email the completed form to [email protected], drop off in-person at Village Hall, or call our customer service line (305.993.7317).

Next day service is available Monday through Wednesday. Terminating your water service includes obtaining a final meter reading, crediting your initial deposit to your final bill, and mailing a final bill to your forwarding address. If any refund is due, a check will be included with your final bill.

Water utility bills are issued on a monthly basis. Payments may be made by check, money order, electronic check (withdrawn directly from your bank account) or online.

Payments can be:

  • Mailed* to the Bal Harbour Village Finance Department 655 96th Street Bal Harbour, FL 33154; or
  • Delivered* in-person at the Village Hall front desk or drop box outside the main entrance; or
  • Online via credit card or debit card**.  To pay online visit:

(*) Invoice or payment coupon must be included.

(**) Effective November 1, 2020, credit card or debit card payments will be charged an additional credit card convenience fee.

Please send your new address via email to [email protected].

Call Customer Service at 305.993.7317, Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

For Fiscal Year 2022/2023, the Water rate is $5.4796/1,000 gallons, and the Wastewater Rate is $9.8858/1,000 gallons of water consumed with a 3,000 gallon minimum monthly charge. More information on this can be found here.

The Village is not responsible for leaks that occur on private property. You will probably need to contact a plumber. If you are unsure if you have a leak, or need to report a leak outside your property, or inside the meter box, call 305.993.7391 or email [email protected].

Please advise the Public Works & Beautification Department of water main breaks in your area immediately via phone 305.993.7391 or email [email protected] or after hours call 305.993.7360.

Public Works & Beautification Director:
John Oldenburg
Phone: 305.866.7336
Mobile: 954.205.9684
E-mail: [email protected]

During regular business hours: Please call 305.993.7391 or email [email protected].

After-hours: Please call 305.993.7360.

Our staff will take your name, address and telephone number and ask if the location has a cleanout connection. If your cleanout connection is accessible, someone will be dispatched to your home or business to investigate the situation, and determine the cause of the blockage.

Please note that our staff will not enter your residence or business under any circumstances and that a cleanout connection is required for the city to clear the lateral backup.

If the Village determines the lateral blockage is on the customer’s side of the connection (sewer pipe located on customer’s property), the customer will need to hire your own plumber to clear the line.

Please remember, our crews cannot clear a lateral blockage if you don’t have a cleanout connection.

View our 2021 Water Quality Report, which was produced in 2022.  Data in the report was collected from water samples taken between January 1, 2021, and December 31, 2021. You can also view the Miami Dade County Water Quality Report here.