bay view of Bal Harbour

Village Clerk

The Village Clerk serves as the Secretary of the Village, the Official Secretary of the Village Council, Boards and Committees, the Custodian of Records, and the Supervisor of Elections for Bal Harbour Village

Primary duties include:

  • Gives notice of regular and special Village Council Meetings to the Mayor, its Members and the public
  • Conducts municipal elections with the assistance of the Miami-Dade County Department of Elections
  • Provides legal notices associated with the business being conducted at regular and special Village Council Meetings
  • Advertises Bids and Requests for Proposals
  • Prepares the agenda for Village Council Meetings
  • Keeps the minutes of the Village Council proceedings, which constitute a public record
  • Ensures that lobbyists are registered with the Office of the Village Clerk
  • Acts as the custodian of public records of the Village
  • Processes the codification of the Bal Harbour Village Code Book
  • Conducts Lien Searches, Lien Recordings and Lien Releases
  • Records Bonds
  • Performs such other duties as the Council may prescribe from time to time