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Message from Village Manager Jorge M. Gonzalez

Live Local Act – Adopted Ordinance Amendments

As you may be aware, the State has made several changes to the Live Local Act through the passage of its “Glitch Bill.” This bill is now on the Governor’s desk awaiting his signature. Because of this, The Village of Bal Harbor must amend some of the wording in our Live Local ordinances in order to reflect what is in the new legislation. 

At the April 9 Bal Harbour Village Council meeting, the Village Council voted unanimously to adopt these ordinance amendments on second reading, with the updated wording from first reading.

These amendments will mitigate ambiguity, anticipate potential abuses, and ensure that any development application submitted to the Village under the newly passed Live Local Act is compliant with the state requirements as well as all local land development regulations.

As background, in 2023 the State of Florida has passed the Live Local Act. This law was designed to encourage the creation of affordable housing throughout South Florida. While the Village of Bal Harbour applauds the intention of the law, in practice, Live Local leaves open to broad interpretation many important issues that will surely impact communities throughout Florida.  The law unfortunately preempts certain zoning powers that local governments use regulate development, to ensure good planning and design, and to ensure the character of our community and the quality of life of our residents are not adversely affected. It also fails to address some of the basic tenants of good government and community planning, such as the idea that all residents should be treated with respect, dignity, and equity.

The ordinance amendments that we have passed are in no way intended curb or discourage the building of affordable housing within our Village. To the contrary, our goal is to create the type of guidelines and guardrails that will ensure that all development within our boundaries will be built in a manner that best reflects our communities values and our commitment to treating all people fairly. 

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Ocean Front & Off-Street Parking Ordinance Amendments

Amending Chapter 11 “Nuisances,” Article II “Noise” of The Code Of Ordinances

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Jorge M. Gonzalez
Village Manager